Caroline Serton, visual artist based in the Netherlands. Mixed media on paper.

Background for a new piece of art work
'Dive into the ditch’, part of the serie dutch ditches, 70 x 100 cm on paper.Inspired by the sad fact due to the increasing pollution, the duckweed is increasing and increasing
Kunstenaar Caroline Serton
This art piece got a new owner ! 2022, 45 x 50 cm ‘Spiral of the future’
Atelier Caroline Serton
Artwork on paper ( 300 grams , 70 x 100 cm, ) part of the serie ‘ Mu**to mar menor’ , inspired by my trip to the inland sea of Los Alcazares , Murcia, Spain. More and more flora and fauna are dying as a result of pollution and phosphates from this pollution. I show in my drawings what it could look like on a micro level if there is no intervention
Art Studio Caroline Serton

Serton’s works are a dialogue, an exploration of how nature adapts and resists in a world increasingly shaped by human hands. She brings a message of both vulnerability and strength, inviting the viewer to reflect on our role in and interaction with the natural world.

As a graduate of the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Caroline specialized in painting and graphics, with a particular focus on drawing. With exhibitions at both national and international levels, Caroline Serton has built an impressive reputation. Her art is not just a visual delight, but also an intellectual challenge, confronting us with essential questions about our environment.

Explore the world of Caroline Serton, where each brushstroke tells a story about the natural world and our place within it.